How to sell

By selling your goods at auction, you trust into a specialist who will defend your best interests and warranties. Once we have determined that your property is appropriate for sale at auction, our specialists will arrange every detail, from establishing estimates to cataloguing your property and marketing it to prospective buyers worldwide.

Our auctioneer and our experts are available to estimate your goods everywhere you decide.


In order to assess your goods, you may:
- Send us the pictures by mail at requesting a free valuation
Please attach to your email as much extra information as possible (signatures, technical data, shape, date, documentation…). All estimates are provisional and subject to revision on examination by a specialist.
- Contact us in order to set an appointment at your place. We can move anywhere in France and abroad.
- By appointment at our office, located at the Château de Lasserre, from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 12 and from 2pm to 6pm. We may also receive you on Saturdays and Sundays only by appointment.

The valuation is certified by a written document. It is submitted to a flat rate. If the valuation is completed in order to register your objects at one of our auctions, the fees are retroceded.
Once we have determined that your property is appropriate for sale at auction, our specialists will discuss with you the most appropriate season and venue to ensure the strongest bidding for the goods.
Alternatively, we can provide the private sale service, avoiding the restrictions of the auction calendar. Our network of specialists will work one-on-one with you to offer advice on private sale strategies and to help you shape your collection.


An inventory is a written document that includes all expert assessments and valuations. The inventory is undertaken in order to prepare any insurance contract, a wedding contract, a divorce or an inheritance. Our auctioneer may move anywhere in France or abroad.

Many reasons may push you to complete an inventory:
- Valuate a collection
- Find out the value of a work of art
- Carry out a donation inter vivo
- Carry out a sharing or an inheritance
- Negotiate an insurance contract, a wedding contract or a divorce
- Sell your goods

The Seller’s Agreement

Before you sell your property at Christie's,.

Once your decision is taken, you must sign a consignment agreement in order to include and cataloguing your goods in one of ours auctions. This is the contract we have with our sellers in which we agree to sell their property in one of our salerooms. It lists our terms and fees for services such as insurance, loss/damage liability, restoration, advertising, handling, shipping). We take the responsibility of planning the auction and selling your items at the best of your interests.

After the sale, we will provide you the results. If your lot is not sold, we may discuss the possibility of registering it for our next sale or going through the after-sale or sale by agreement process.


After the auction, you will receive a notification (decompte vendeur) that lists the final bid prices.
Approximately 30 days after each auction, STANISLAS MACHOÏR sends payment to sellers along with a settlement statement itemizing your sales results and net returns, based on the hammer price less a commission and any agreed-upon expenses.