Before the sale


Bidding has never been easier !

To be informed: There are several ways to follow our Auctions:
• Visit our Auction Calendar to browse our upcoming sales: 
• Stanislas MACHOÏR prepares printed catalogues for each Auction. You can order yours (paypal) or buying it directly during the public viewing.
• Attend a pre-auction viewing. It’s free of charge and everyone is welcome as our sales are public.  You are free to bid as long as you are over 18 and solvent. Of course, a complete knowledge of our general terms and conditions of sale is required.

Stanislas Machoïr organises two types of auctions:
- Catalogued sales: Stanislas Machoïr prepares a printed catalogue for each specific sale, in which all lots are described and illustrated. You can get the catalogue via email (, on our website or by visiting our office nearby Toulouse at the Chateau de Lasserre (31380) Montastruc la Conseillère, France.  Catalogues are visible online about two weeks prior to the auction.  

- Sales without catalogue: the lots are on display at our office. We welcome all visitors. A privat appointment could be arrange for foreign bidders. 

Most of our sales occur at the Château de Lasserre (31380), located in Montastruc La Conseillère, which is only 15 minutes away from downtown Toulouse. However we organised Auctions abroad depending on the field. 
Registration in order to bid:
Whether in person or online, in order to bid, you need to register electronically or during the public exhibition until 24hours before the auction begins. An ID and bank references will be required in order to proceed to the registration.

Bidding online: Before you can bid you have to register in advance via our auction platform: All bidders are required to create an account. You will be asked to provide your full contact details, along with an official issued photo ID and bank references. For certain transactions, you may be asked for a financial reference and/or a deposit as a condition of allowing you to bid.

Online bidding platform with real-time live streaming video brings the excitement of the saleroom right to your computer so that you can bid from the comfort of your home or from anywhere else in the world. Once you’ve registered, you can enter the online saleroom from 15 minutes before the start of the sale, or at any point during the sale. 

Examine the lots on sale:
Prior to the auction, most of the time the day before, prospective buyers are invited to examine the objects you are interested in. Either the auctioneer or the specialists are available during the exhibition to answer any question related to the sale, the lots or the administrative process.

Private reception:
If you cannot attend the public exhibition, feel free to contact us in order to organise a privat visit. We will be delighted to make the pertinent arrangements for you.

Goods on sale:

Condition reports on lots are available on request by email or by phone. Mentions on the catalogue are provided either by the auctioneer or by an expert. Some mentions may be modified; these changes are announced during the auction. Information such as weight, dimension and estimates are provided for guidance only.

Condition reports are prepared accordingly to current artistic and scientifical knowledge at the time of the sale. Any mistake would not engage the responsibility of STANISLAS MACHOIR.
The absence of statements relating to any mishap does not imply that the item is exempt from any defect or restoration.


All our sales are public. Anyone over 18 and solvent can join and bid during our auctions. To accept the General Terms and Conditions of the Sale is mandatory.

A bid is an offer exceeding the opening bid or a competitor’s bid. The successful bidder is the one who offers the highest and last best bid. If the auctioneer notices two similar bids when the hammer falls, he is allowed to restart the bids. The lots presented are sold following the order of the catalogue.  

In order to bid on any lot, 3 options are available:

Attending the auction:
All you have to do is to bid when the lot you are interested to acquire is presented by the Auctioneer. In order to succeed, you need to be the highest bidder. The auction ends when the hammer goes down followed by the word “adjugé” (sold).

If you cannot attend the sale: 
You can place an absentee bid (written bid) at least 24 hours before the sale: You’ll find the Absentee Bid Form either on our website or at the end of the catalogue. During the sale, the auctioneer will bid on your behalf up to your maximal amount. Of course, you can be the successful bidder for a lower price if there are no other bidders. This procedure is free. After the sale, a member of STANISLAS MACHOÏR will get in touch with you if you are the successful bidder. 

Telephone Bids:
We will call you from the saleroom in order to let you bid against other potential bidders by phone. A member of STANISLAS MACHOÏR will bid on your behalf directly and during the sale following your desires.  

STANISLAS MACHOIR kindly provides phone and absentee bids services. In any case, our auction house would be held responsible for any phone connection issue or any mistake in registering an absentee bid. If two absentee bids are equals, the priority goes to the first one received. If the absentee bid is equal to a bid placed in the room during the auction, the priority always goes to the room.

Our auction house is allowed to perform transactions after the auction has ended. Whenever a lot has not been sold during the auction, the auctioneer and the owner can agree on selling the lot by agreement.

Sale by agreement: 
Our auction house can sell any item without going through the auction process, if the owner agrees. (vente de gré à gré)


The currency of our sales is the Euro (€). 
Payment is due immediately after the auction ends. 
Please note that a buyer’s commission is added to the hammer price.
For all online successful bids , you will receive your bill on the day following the auction.

If your bid in a live auction is successful, you'll receive the following information from our Accountability Department:
• An invoice (bordereau d’adjudication) setting out the hammer price plus the buyer’s premium.  
In certain locations, we are required to collect a re-sale royalty (“droit de suite”), which goes to the living artist each time one of their works is sold.
• Details on how to pay 
• Collection and storage information, including the location of your property and date of availability
• Shipping information if needed. After you have paid for your property, arrangements for collection and shipping could be advice. However you can arrange your own carrier, or collect your purchases yourself or mandate someone to collect your purchases with a written authorization signed by you and a copy of your invoice and an ID proof.

a) Payments in cash: you can collect your lots immediately when the payments does not exceed 3000€ (buyer’s premium included and limited to French Residents or Companies. For foreign bidders, up to 15 000 euros, buyer’s premium included is applicable). In all cases a passport and an address proof will be required. 
b) Credit Card: a 2% supplementary is added to the bill
c) By wire transfer: the payment should be executed during the 5 days following the sale. At the end of the sale we will provide you with our bank references.
d) By French check: Lots will be delivered only after the check is cleared. Payment by uncertified cheques might delay the delivery of lots.

In all cases, no lots will be delivered before the entire payment is effective. 
Accounting Department opens from 9am to 12 and from 2pm until 4 pm.

Collection of lots

Lots are placed under the buyer’s responsibility as soon as the hammer goes down.
Buyers are expected to insure its purchases, STANISLAS MACHOIR cannot be held responsible for any damages on the lots. For collection after the day of the auction, we advise you to contact the Auction House.  


We are delighted to provide 30 days free storage for all sold lots at our Toulouse site. 
Storage charges are payable after this date and will be subject to local taxes. Each week started is due.
Storage fees are at the expense of the buyer.
Specified lots marked with a filled square (■) in the catalogue are transferred from our salerooms to an off-site storage facility. These lots will be available for collection from the fifth business day following the sale.

Neither storage nor shipping involves the responsibility of the auction house under any circumstances.

Please contact our accountability department (+33 (0)5 61 48 53 92 prior to collecting property to confirm lot location, schedule collection, arrange shipping and to settle any outstanding charges.

Packing and shipping

Shipping fees depend of the volume, the weight and the quantity of goods.
Our accounting department will send you the shipping bill according to your choice.


We are at your disposal if you need counselling, for us to share our know-how and provide an individualized service. We may take care of any administrative, custom or exportation procedures.