Exceptional carpet KAZAK SEVAN (Caucasus-Armenia),... - Lot 115 - FEE - Stanislas Machoïr

Lot 115
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12000 - 15000 EUR
Exceptional carpet KAZAK SEVAN (Caucasus-Armenia),... - Lot 115 - FEE - Stanislas Machoïr
Exceptional carpet KAZAK SEVAN (Caucasus-Armenia), end of the 19th century Dimensions : 235 x 174cm. Technical characteristics : wool velvet on wool foundation. A ruby field, decorated with stars of the Medes, gems, flowers and stylized entomological forms with hourglasses, supports a magnificent and imposing cruciform shield, typical of "Kazak Sevan" carpets. It symbolizes the contours of a church cross, Armenian, highlighted ivory following "S", small animals and kotchaks, framing a green celadon field, decorated with "S", and in the center rectangular ruby medallion adorned with a polychrome Medes star. A multicolored tree of life, stylized, with kotchak serves as axis to the "body of the church". Large marine border with a succession of entomological forms and cruciform flowers arrowed in polychrome, enriched with a character with combs, flanked by two counter borders with multicolored broken ribbons and pearl strings highlighting. Beautiful graphics and exceptional palette for this carpet from the depths of Armenian Christian roots.
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