Fossil sawfish: Onchopristis Numidus. Onchopristis... - Lot 10 - FEE - Stanislas Machoïr

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Fossil sawfish: Onchopristis Numidus. Onchopristis... - Lot 10 - FEE - Stanislas Machoïr
Fossil sawfish: Onchopristis Numidus. Onchopristis is an extinct genus of giant sawfish characterized by harpoon-like teeth. It lived from the end of the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) to the Upper Cretaceous about 113 to 66 million years ago. The snout of Onchopristis is extended by a rostrum flanked by numerous teeth. These rostral teeth, which are most often the only preserved fossil elements of the animal, are characterized by the presence of hooks aligned on a line of barbs in the manner of certain harpoons. Onchopristis generally has one to three hooks aligned per tooth, up to five for the subspecies Onchopristis dunklei dunklei.5,6 Onchopristis numidis has one. This giant sawfish could measure up to 8 meters long, including 2.5 meters for the rostrum. It must surely have been the prey of piscivorous dinosaurs like Spinosaurus. First and unique in the world for its conservation and superior quality. Jaw and teeth of good quality. The double color of the rostrum and the skeleton is due to natural mineral oxides (e.g. iron oxides) that attacked with this color the most organic part of the animal. It was the largest known sawfish, which made it a formidable predator but also the prey of the great Spinosaurus. It is in its own wooden box with a wooden dowel to hang on the wall and with a mahogany frame. Dating from the Mesozoic, Cretaceous, Albian (106 million years) Tegana Formation, Kem Kem, Begaa, near Taouz, MOROCCO Plate: 198cm*59cm*7cm Fish: 186cm*38cm Rose: 72cm
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