Skull of the Megaceros deer (Megaloceros... - Lot 9 - FEE - Stanislas Machoïr

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Skull of the Megaceros deer (Megaloceros... - Lot 9 - FEE - Stanislas Machoïr
Skull of the Megaceros deer (Megaloceros giganteus), also known as the great bog deer, one of the largest deer of all time. It looked like a deer. This animal had a height of 1.8 to 2 meters at the withers and could weigh between 600 and 800 kg. Its antlers could reach 3.50m in span. Paleontologists have calculated that the size of the antlers increased faster than the body, 2.5 times more. It lived in the last part of the Quaternary, about 500,000 years ago in all of Europe and a large part of Asia and was contemporary with woolly rhinoceroses, bears and mammoths... Herbivore, he had as predator the cave lion and the Neanderthal man and the homo sapiens. It was hunted by prehistoric man who represented it in caves, notably in the famous Chauvet cave. A last fossil specimen was discovered in Siberia and dated by carbon 14 at 5000 years. This fossil from the peat bogs of Germany is composed of 80% of real bones and is made from an almost complete skull and parts of wood from other individuals. It is very rare to find a complete animal fossilized in this way. The animal can be positioned on a high support for presentation. Dimensions of the massacre 253 x 158 x 140 cm. It will be delivered with a mobile cart with wheels to be able to move it better. Sale on designation
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