Exceptional fountain especially of table.... - Lot 71 - FEE - Stanislas Machoïr

Lot 71
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50000 - 70000 EUR
Exceptional fountain especially of table.... - Lot 71 - FEE - Stanislas Machoïr

Exceptional fountain especially of table. This unique piece of silverware is presented on an octagonal base resting on 8 feet in volutes and masks of bearded men Bacchus. A series of 6 terraces are superimposed in a staircase, 2 of which are decorated with 8 important semi-cylindrical malachite plates. On the 6th terrace, 4 sculptures of Apollo hold 4 twisted columns in malachite and Corinthian capitals, surmounted by 4 winged renown with laurel crowns which support the octagonal basin decorated with 8 cherubs. 8 frogs and 8 gargoyles on the edge spitting the liquid that feeds the basin in the middle of which sits a sculpture of Neptune naked lying on a sofa, and reaching above a large vase that receives the liquid, this forms the circuit of feeding the liquid, which is filled by a tap under a fame. Remarkable set of foliage and arabesques, all in silver and metal to stiffen the whole. The decorative pieces of big banquets begin already in the Middle Ages, but it is especially in the XIX° that appear the most beautiful pieces towards 1850 as well in the court of Napoleon III, Tsars or in Austria, Hungary with the realizations of Froment-Maurice or Christofle. It is the case of the exceptional piece that we present, realized towards 1850/1880. Ht. 116 cm Diam. 57 cm. Without reserve price

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